Les Croissants is a French app that provides a daily personalized podcast to its subscribers (for €5 a month).

Each user customs its own experience by choosing from a list of interests. The daily briefing is then assembled from a range of audio clips produced by in-house journalists and encompasses both hard news and commentary. You can receive the package as a notification at the hour of your choice.

The result is pretty good but I’m not sure why the product is positioned as a morning experience. Such catch-up content can work pretty much all day long. The breakfast metaphor can be even confusing —  there was no need to call “Brunch” what is clearly just an “Explore” tab.

Good point though, its founders seem aware of the perils of personalization (hello, filter bubble) and agree to push “important news” on top of every user’s stream if needed. Anyway, I’m feeling this kind of product will mostly please an already over-informed audience (but that’s okay).

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