Le Monde helps readers to catch up on the news during the holiday season, with a user-controlled tool called “Récapator”. Pick your favorite interests, set the timeframe, and skim through the headlines you’ve missed!

It’s an interesting initiative as I feel that catch-up usage is a frequent yet under-served need among online news readers. It’s not easy to browse through your favorite publishers’ content from the past two or three weeks (How would you do it? An app like Nuzzel only does it up to 24 hours, and it’s a tool for news nerds).

On the downside, Le Monde’s tool is not very pleasant to read — no images, questionable text styles — but it’s definitely a good use case. The quirky name “Récapator” makes it sound like an odd experiment but I’d like to see a more of that. It could be a great feature in a news app, with a visual layout and some swipeable cards (Rings a bell?).

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