Germany has undergone extensive debate about migration in recent months, since chancellor Angela Merkel decided to grant asylum to thousands of Middle Eastern migrants. This policy fueled resentment and anger among many Germans, as shown by the surge of far-right movements in the polls.

But do citizens really know what’s behind the ‘migrant’ label? The German broadcaster Welt is at least trying to help, with this interesting interactive project which focuses on the story of Jalal, a Syrian refugee now based in Germany.

The format is interesting because it involves completely the reader/viewer, by asking several basic questions that underscore our preconceptions (and often our sheer ignorance about the subject). Why do you think Jalal left Syria? Do you even know where is Syria?

The card-based layout and the heavy animations are helpful at grabbing our attention throughout the story. Overall, the editorial tone also feels more natural and ‘unfiltered’ than a classic report or interview: Jalal drives the story and speaks directly facing the camera.


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