Stories here, Stories everywhere: the French news website Les Jours unveiled its own tap-through format last week, which it will use to tell data-driven narratives about politics.

It is responsive but does not use Google’s AMP Stories framework, so that users have the impression of staying on-site (AMP Stories are hosted by publishers but remain in a visually agnostic shell). The custom format has been developed in partnership with French agency WeDoData.

The first story for “À data sur la politique” explores the voting records of left-wing parties in the French parliament. It is well written (with short bites of text and data) and surrounded by a pleasantly not boring graphic identity. Nevertheless, it is quite exhausting to read as a whole, as you need to tap a lot to get minimal information. Maybe a shorter story would be more digestible.

For French readers, read more about the format in this Medium post from WeDoData.

Plus: I encourage you to discover Les Jours’s unique editorial approach, which replicates the structure of TV shows. All their articles are written as “episodes” within broader “obsessions”. It is honestly brilliant.

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