A year in the making, The Guardian’s investigation about fraudulent data mining at Cambridge Analytica is now all over the news. Aside from the editorial work, what’s remarkable here is how The Guardian is now mastering the art of adapting their digital products for special investigative features.

What I like :

  • The articles all harbour a special visual branding, a small iteration from the Panama & Paradise Papers identity, which helps glueing the pages together. Of course, it’s also a well deserved marketing stunt for the paper.
  • The key video interview of Christopher Kylie, the whistleblower behind the revelations, is very well produced and edited. Looks like a short-doc from The Intercept.
  • Dataviz is totally mobile-friendly.
  • The “Quick guide” dropdown feature in the middle of the flagship article (which can be daunting to read for newbies), conveys some useful context. And I like those feedback buttons, which I would like to see more in news products.

A visualization of the links between key players, as seen on mobile.
The “Quick Guide” feature, as seen on mobile.

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