The New York Times has been quietly rolling out a new feature in its iOS app recently. The new tab, which is prominently positioned in the header of the homepage, gives a quick access to a personalized feed of stories.

Nytimes app your feedUsers need to actively customize it by following one of the 25 “channels” available. The list of channels has been carefully selected and seems to be a mix of popular sections,  columns, and developing stories. (You can follow anything from the “The Mueller Investigation” to “Modern Love” or “Tech Tips”.)

It’s unclear how The Times filters stories that appear in “Your Feed”. It’s probably a steady mix of editorial curation and algorithmic selection, like for its recent “Your Edition” newsletter effort.

Interestingly, they are trying to make the tab feel like a human effort, by displaying comments from editors directly in the feed. That’s something we’re used to seeing on Twitter and Facebook but much less in news products.

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