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by Maxime Loisel

Reviewing Macron’s Climate Policies

Le Monde has developed an interesting database of Emmanuel Macron’s policies related to climate change. The paper identified many themes & reviewed the French government’s decisions on the matter, using a visual…

Gridlock in the sky

A very cool data visualization opens this Washington Post article about our increasingly congested airspace. It describes very simply what happens when rockets are launched (spoiler: all other airplanes are diverted).

30 Years of American Anxieties

The Pudding reviewed 20,000 letters received by “Dear Abby”, America’s most famous advice columnist, since 1985. The result is a lovely interactive, which lets us explore the subtle changes in America’s morale…

Sizing Up the 2018 Blue Wave

Among the coolest ideas in the midterm elections coverage, this interactive from The New York Times deserves a mention. It was released quickly after the final results came out, and illustrates clearly…

Ocean Shock

Ocean Shock is a five-part visual investigation of how climate change is affecting submarine life, by Reuters.