Hurricane Michael: the best news storytelling

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The hurricane trackers

“Hurricane Tracker”Wall Street Journal

A cool tracker that is displayed as a widget or here as a full-fledged page which follows every recent storm in the world. The Journal has also made some very clear infographics.

“A city-by-city forecast”The Washington Post

(Above showing data for the “Leslie” cyclone in Europe)

Another tracker that shows more granularly the geographical impact of the storm-force winds, but is maybe more complicated to read.

“Tracking Hurricane Michael”The New York Times

A more simple visualization.

On the down side — even though it might seem obvious — I feel that these 3 trackers don’t explain clearly enough the intensity scale of the winds (which one is the more devastating? Tropical-storm level? Hurricane 4 level?). Clearer labels could help here.

The other stuff

“One Mile of Devastation in Florida”The New York Times

A standout piece: the Times built a panorama visualization of the Mexico Beach coast from multiple photos, which slides horizontally on scroll. Feels weird at first, but definitely a cool idea. They also mapped precisely which buildings had been destroyed or damaged!

“Before and after images of Hurricane Michael”The Washington Post

“See Neighbors Rescue a Couple Trapped in Their Collapsing Home”The New York Times 

An interesting integration of user-generated footage (here in vertical format), which was broken down in small bits to give more depth to the story, and completed with original photography & reporting.

“How Hurricane Michael got so strong, so quickly”Axios

Two simple charts with labels on hover, in classic Axios style.

“Hurricane Michael was a storm for the ages”, Axios

A pretty interesting data viz, which encapsulates several variables (year, month, wind speed, duration, hurricane category) and manages to stay understandable.

“How to Tell if a Hurricane Is Headed Your Way”Wall Street Journal

The Journal deciphers the computer models behind hurricane forecasts, with simple infographics.

“The 10 most mind-boggling Hurricane Michael visuals”The Washington Post

A nerdy but quite catchy perspective on the phenomenon.


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